Shutter Timer & Shutter Speed Calculator App – Download on the App Store

It took a while! My first app, Shutter Timer and Shutter Speed Calculator, is now available. To download, click this link.

I don’t have that many posts up yet, but if you’ve followed this site, or looked at (most) of my Tweets, you can tell photography is something I’ve really started to enjoy. Experienced photographers seem to “know” many things, like converting f-stop differences into different shutter speeds. I don’t, and couldn’t find an app that did it for me. So I decided to make one.



Shutter Timer and Shutter Speed Calculator is the result.


This app is useful for photographers wanting to know how much time is remaining while they’re capturing long exposure images. This timer counts down in seconds from 900 seconds (15 minutes), or any time between 0 and 15 minutes.

shutterTimer&Calculator7plus timer screen

The calculator built into the app calculates adjusted shutter speeds based on a benchmark shutter speed and user selected f-stop compensation, say for using Neutral Density filters.


If you’ve ever been out taking photographs and set a long exposure, and wondered how much time you have left until the exposure will end, this is for you.

For example, if you’ve setup your camera and tripod and figured the correct shutter speed, but need to compensate for increased shutter speed due to Neutral Density filters or other changes, you may have struggled to perform the calculation. The formula isn’t the easiest to remember, and certainly not easy to do on a standard calculator. This app does it for you.

Download on the App Store by going to iTunes and searching for Shutter Timer and Shutter Speed Calculator, or click the links on this page. Hopefully one day I’ll develop a version to run on Android devices.

Shutter Timer & Shutter Speed Calculator

If you get it, please let me know what you think, and send suggestions for other apps!


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