Light Painting the Car

I’ve wanted to shoot sunrises and sunsets lately, and really haven’t felt like going to the Mississippi River to do it. But I’ve struggled to find a good location that has the foreground, etc. that I’d like. I was out Friday night, on short notice without a chance to plan where to shoot, and at first seemed like I’d just wander around and shoot nothing worthwhile.

Then it hit me – use the car as my subject, and try my hand at light painting the car. I’d seen others do that and wanted to try it, and luckily thought of it. So I parked the car and tried a couple of light painting methods.

red car light painting - redred car light painting - white

Not bad for a first try. I like the red on red from the top image, and I also like the headlight and tail light starbursts from the bottom image.

Next time I’m out at night and complaining about having nothing to shoot, maybe I’ll try light painting whatever’s around.

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