A Foggy Morning in St. Francisville

Trying to shoot in foggy conditions can bring mixed results. I often find the view from a distance is much different from the conditions at the location. I’m not sure if that’s because the light (or lack of it) as you see a foggy location from far away, or what. Whatever the case, sometimes I stop and take a chance.

I was on my way to visit a project in St. Francisville, and since I’ve taken to having my camera with me as much as I can (probably some of the best photography advice I’ve read in a while), I was able to turn around and get these shots instead of wondering what might have been.

It was one of those cool, damp mornings we get in Louisiana. The fog was still really thick but wouldn’t be for much longer. I had plenty of time before my meeting, so I stopped. If I hadn’t I would have missed it.

This is right off the highway. I pulled in a small drive, got out, and captured these. I like the quiet and stillness of the overall scene, with a little mystery thrown in with the mist. That’s what I tried to capture.

foggy farm 2foggy farm

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