First Try at Water Splash Photography

For the longest time I’ve wanted to try water splash photography. I was holding myself back, since I stubbornly refused to buy a real flash and remote transmitter. Instead I decided I’d use the flash on my Nikon D5300 and see what happened. The results weren’t good.

So I found a relatively cheap Neewer unit with remote transmitter/receiver bundle (somewhere around $80 I think), and gave it a try.

I’m pretty pleased with the results. I setup using a large glass bowl, a little blue and red food coloring, and a splash of milk to cloud the water. I used a big beverage dispenser with a tap to set the water drop frequency I wanted.

For most of these shots I used these settings: 1/200, f/11, ISO 100. For some shots I used f/14. I used some red colored tins to hold the drop dispenser (and also added a bit of randomness to the backdrop, which as nice). I will definitely try this again, hopefully over the Christmas break.

Feel free to send any feedback or suggestions. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

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