I’m a husband, dad, engineer, amateur photographer, and Chicago Cubs, LSU, and Disney fan.

I bought my first DSLR in 2010, a Pentax K-x. I was heading to Chicago and wanted to get some good shots at Wrigley Field and places around the city. I had no clue how to shoot except to keep the camera in auto mode and autofocus. That’s pretty much how I shot for the next 4 years. I got some great shots that way.

And then something happened. I wanted to get the shots I saw others getting, and realized I couldn’t do that if I shot where the camera made all the decisions for me.

So I started to read and learn and experiment. I’ve had some successes, and some failures. I’ll write about those. Over the last couple of years I’ve also started learning about iOS app development using Swift and Xcode. I have some apps on the App store, mainly for photographers like me who want to use their phones to help them save time and make camera calculations easier.

I started this to help me get my work/life/photography balance together, and to interact with other photographers who are at my skill level.