Interstate Highway Light Trails

Capturing light trails seems to be a photography rite of passage. At some point, I think every aspiring photographer gives it a try. I’ve always been fascinated by long exposure photography, particularly at night, and so I jumped at the chance to capture interstate highway light trails.

I went out shooting one evening in downtown Baton Rouge, and after the sun went down I decided to head to one of the interstate overpasses and catch some light trails. Luckily for me, there was no traffic where I was standing, and I got some pretty good shots looking back towards downtown Baton Rouge and the Louisiana State Capital.
Interstate Light Trails
interstate light trails with the Louisiana State Capital in the background
Then, using some great (and free!) photo editing tips from Nathaniel Dodson (here’s the link to the video tutorial), I made some easy edits in Lightroom, and finally settled on the above image.
It was fun to try, and I’ll be sure to do it again the next chance I get.