Fun apps

Not sure about you, but we do a countdown to exciting family trips. It’s fun to countdown the days to starting a vacation or going somewhere fun.

As much fun as it is, sometimes I lose track of countdown details and have to start over. I thought I’d do a couple of screen recordings of apps I’ve done (not submitted to Apple) for fun countdowns.

One is the countdown to closing at the Universe of Energy attraction at EPCOT. Yes, I know it’s closed, but wanted to show the neat “snowing logo” effect demonstrated by a guy named Mark Moeykens. The app has a nice Spaceship Earth background, and falling Universe of Energy icons.

Here’s a screenshot of the EPCOT Universe of Energy app:

EPCOT Energy 6 launchscreen

The other is a countdown to the 2018 Chicago Cubs regular season opener against the Marlins. The app has the Fly The W background (hopefully we’ll see a lot of W’s next year) and the 1984 Chicago Cubs logo as the “snowing logo”.

Cubs 1984 logo


Here are the YouTube links to both videos on my channel: