Hyperlapse Calculator App – Download on the App Store

My latest photography app, Hyperlapse Calculator, is now available on the App Store!



This app is an extremely useful tool for hyperlapse photography and timelapse photography. Hyperlapse Calculator allows photographers to input standard video format frame rates of 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 50.94, 60 frames per second, select a standard clip length (in seconds), and calculate the number of photos required.

Pretty useful if you’re going out to shoot and want to figure out how long you’ll be on location or if you have enough memory on your SD card because you forgot your spares, whatever.

Photographers can also input the hyperlapse location distance (in feet), and the calculator determines the distance you’ll need to move between shots. Hyperlapse Calculator does the math for you, so you can concentrate on getting setup, getting your shots, and getting your hyperlapse done.

Hyperlapse Screen Shot iPhone 7 Plus

The app includes a time lapse calculator, and it works in a similar way. Photographers select from standard clip lengths and frame rates, and the time lapse calculator tells the user the number of photos needed for the time lapse clip.

Timelapse Screen Shot iPhone 7 Plus

Two very useful apps in one – great for beginners and experienced hyperlapse and timelapse photographers.

Download on the App Store by going to iTunes and searching for Hyperlapse Calculator, or click the link below. Hopefully one day I’ll develop a version to run on Android devices.

If you get it, please let me know what you think, and send suggestions for other apps!