Photo Location Scout App – Download on the App Store

My latest photography app, Photo Location Scout, is now available on the App Store!

PhotoScout App Icon

Have you ever been out and seen a location that you thought would be a great photo shoot location? You can take a quick photo or add a note, but sometimes the photo and note get caught up in the clutter of your other photos and notes. This can make it harder to recall the great shot idea you tried to save.

Photo Location Scout helps photographers capture snapshots, location notes, and details of photo locations so they can plan photo shoots. Photo Location Scout allows the user to snap a photo or use a photo from their photo library to help remember the appearance of the shot location.

iPhone 8 details screen

Photo Location Scout keeps your shot ideas with photos separate from your Camera Roll or photo library, but the photo still resides on your device. The app makes it easy to scroll through and revisit ideas you had to capture your next great photo.

Users can select from a list of photo types, such as architecture, drone, long exposure, and other types, as well as details to help plan the shot. Users can save the data in the app for later reference, and also go back and edit shot details or delete stored data when no longer in use.

iPhone Xs max list screen

Download on the App Store by searching for Photo Location Scout, or click the link below.


If you get it, please let me know what you think, and send suggestions for other apps!