Splash Photography

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try water splash photography during a brief (but pretty strong!) thunderstorm. This was my first real try at this, and that pretty much spur of the moment.

I picked a spot where the water runs off one of the ridges on our roof line, positioned the camera and tripod, and went to work. I used the self timer and then got in place. A couple of comments on my own shooting/setup – I don’t have a speed light, and I think that could’ve helped freeze the water. I think I’ll pick up one soon and try some different projects.

Make sure to have at least one towel nearby – you’ll need one for you, and for the camera body and tripod. If you need to clean water from your lens (and you probably will) it’s best to use the right kind of lens cleaning cloth. I was soaked, and was pretty happy to have a towel right there.

After I got my shots, just a quick trip into Lightroom to crop and export.

No great technique or post processing, just some fun trying something different.