Spring Flowers to Break Up the Meeting Monotony

Practice, practice, practice.

If you’re an aspiring amateur photographer like me, you need to shoot as much as you can. A great way to make sure you’re ready to do this is to have your camera (or phone if you like) with you as much as possible. Then you can shoot whenever you see something that catches your eye, and all the practice will help when you go to shoot something you really want to do a good job capturing.

Not original advice, and I’m not taking credit for it. There are a ton of great, free tutorials and blog posts that talk about exactly that – shoot as much as you can, even getting outside your typical shooting style. But no matter what, carry your camera with you, and shoot a few times each week, or even every day.

So that’s what I’ve done some here lately. My photography has improved over time, and I really want to get some great shots on our next family trip.

This shot is a from a field across the road from one of my projects. Spring is finally here, and the flowers caught my attention as I walked out of a meeting last week.
spring flowers
I was bummed out because I was in that I’m-gonna-be-stuck-in-meetings-all-day rut. Seeing this field of flowers lifted my spirits, so I grabbed my camera. Took less than 5 minutes.

And of course I tried to get a little fancy with the out of focus flowers filling part of the frame.